I have more than 20years of experience and master level graduation behind me.

Being a mother makes me more responsible of what I do and what kind of exemple I show to my children.

I’ve never worried about how much I weigh or if I can run a marathon rather find a healthy balance in nutrition and exercising in my life.

When I was younger I’ve had weight problems, my genetics is not the best, so I have take care of what I eat to prevent obesity.

I’ve learned to control my body, I know exactly what to eat to get the results I want.

During my fitness competition preps I’ve been experienced what is healthy and what isn’t so I give you only those advices which are good for your health.


My studies:


-Humankinesiology, Semmelweis University Budapest

-International Fitness Trainer

-Master Degree, Nutrition, Semmelweis Medical University Budapest.


The most important fitness competition results:


-Overall Hungarian Masters Bikini Champion(2013)

-Overall Fitbalance Masters Bikini Champion(2014)

-Austria Cup First Place(2014)

-Arnold Classic Europe 2nd Masters Bikini(2013)

-European Championships Santa Suzanna 2nd(2014)

-Masters World Championships Morelia 3rd(2014)

-Overall NPC Diamond Classic Champion(2018).